Single Payer New York

Single Payer New York set up a table on June 20 and 21 at the Clearwater music festival. Hundreds of people came by to sign postcards to elected officials demanding single payer national health insurance. One of them was Andrea Sadler. She contacted us by email


I was at the Clearwater festival with my husband and was asked to share my experience with health care as a Canadian living in NY as a permanent residence.

Being a Canadian citizen living as a permanent resident, the worst thing about living in the USA is the lack of affordable healthcare. My husband and I are both self employed and we work hard as a professional storyteller/educator and a filmmaker/actress. We make a very decent living but can never see to make enough to pay for health care, let alone disability insurance, save for our retirement, save for a house or our daughter’s education. Life in NY is expensive and with a debt that my husband incurred with the birth of his daughter 17 years ago, we never seem to have that $600-$1300 extra for health care. We are trying to pay off our debt and build our business.

I cannot believe the lies that some people are saying about the Canadian health care system to prevent a Single Payer health care. Firstly you do not have to wait for a year to get surgery if it is important for your life or death. Secondly, one will not be denied insurance because one is pregnant or there is a lump on one’s throat (considered pre-existing conditions in USA), Thirdly, I will not go bankrupt if I have an accident or a disease develops. Lastly, you do not see people in the subway begging for money so they can live with prosthetics instead of having stumps as arms.

These are just four good reasons for the US to develop a system like Canada for example. These four examples are only 4 of many horror stories but happen to be from my experience here in the US. God forbid I fall ill or have an accident. I’d be happy to pay a percentage of my income for Single Payer Health Care.

I find the current system appalling and inhumane. Obviously it is greed that rules not the health needs of human beings.


Andrea Sadler