Thanks to an action alert from Healthcare-NOW!, it has come to our attention that Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York’s 9th District will introduce a single-payer amendment similar to HR 676 to the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s portion of the tri-committee healthcare legislation. Congress Eliot Engel, is a member of this committee. Engel is also one of the co-sponsors of HR 676.

What you can do today to help support our work towards guaranteed single-payer universal health care is to call Congressman Engel and tell him that you support his amendment. You can reach Congressman Engel in his Washington office by calling (202) 225-2464 during normal business hours. Toll free switchboard is 800-473-6711

This amendment is expected to come to a vote shortly, so call today to make sure your voice is heard!

Once you’ve done that, follow Healthcare-NOW!’s outline below to make your voice heard to the rest of the Committee:

“We need your help in telling members of the Energy and Commerce Committee that the people want single-payer now. It’s crucial for them to hear from you on this historic vote. Please call today.

“Hello, My name is __________, and as your constituent, I urge the Representative to vote YES on Representative Anthony Weiner’s single-payer, HR 676 amendment to the Energy and Commerce Committee’s healthcare bill. We also appreciate Cong. Engel’s co-sponsorship of HR 676.

This is a historic vote on single-payer legislation in a committee of jurisdiction over healthcare reform. The amendment symbolizes the elimination of the for-profit health insurance companies from the health care system; replacing them with a publicly funded, privately delivered single-payer system that guarantees comprehensive healthcare for everyone in the United States.

This amendment shows that the grassroot support for single-payer is being heard. Let’s keep the pressure up on Congress. Join us on July 30th in DC for a national lobby day and rally.”