The health insurance lobby has been highlighting one statistic in their fight against a public option: 77 percent of Americans are happy with their health insurance.  Therefore, they argue, Congress should be careful what they change.  David S. Hilzenrath of The Washington Post writes why this is so disingenuous and misleading.

Key findings in the article:

  • People who use their health plan the least are the most likely to say they are happy with their plans
  • People are in excellent health are twice as likely to rate their insurance as excellent as those in good, fair or poor health
  • The level of satisfaction with private insurance is equivalent to that of Medicare
  • Americans not only overwhelmingly favor a government-run option but believe that government will do a better job controlling costs and providing coverage than private insurers

The industry continues to take the stance that greater government involvement in health care will limit choice.  They claim that a  government bureaucrat will stand in between the patient and their doctor.   The reality is that there is already limited choice as employers restrict employees’ insurance options and insurers restrict choice of physicians.  Private bureaucrats now stand in between the patient and their doctor.

The vast majority of Americans not only favor creating a public option but they favor implementing a single-payer system.   It is a test of our democracy whether or not millions of constituent voices can be as powerful as millions of industry dollars.  Join us on Thursday, July 30 in Washington DC as we rally for single-payer health care and tell Congress to stand for the American people and not the profits of health insurance companies.