Some local advocates for universal health care say New York State should “go it alone” if President Obama will not push for a “single payer” plan.

The President disappointed them by backing away from the so-called plan in favor of a hybrid of private insurance coverage and a competing public option.

The advocates call their group Single-Payer New York and claim that a single-payer plan eventually would save $20 billion a year. The group says Governor Paterson and the legislature should ban “for profit” health insurance companies the same way “for profit” hospitals are banned in New York

They further say any plan that involves for profit insurance companies is not real reform. Given Governor Paterson’s dismal approval ratings, Single-Payer New York claims he has nothing to lose if he backs a single-payer, government plan for New York.

The group’s Co-Chair, Mark Dunlea, said sharply, “So if I was a governor with, I don’t know, what is (Paterson) at? A 27% (approval rating) in the public opinion polls, and I wanted to run reelection at this point – I’d be running on single payer.”

Single-Payer New York says they would rather their proposition be nation-wide, but are disappointed with President Obama, who they claim has been promising single-payer since he was a state senator in Illinois.

Could New York State feasibly “go it alone?” Single-Payer New York says the State’s economy is the tenth largest in the nation and, according to them, the answer is “yes”.

Video is available here.