This chart, from the September 23rd edition of The Washington Post, shows the cost of buying insurance in the insurance exchange based on Senator Baucus’ healthcare bill.  If passed, the Baucus bill would raise taxes on the lower and middle classes while providing massive new revenues to the insurance industry.

Cost of coverage in Baucus billThe Baucus bill is currently in markup in the Senate Finance Committee.  Tomorrow, Senators Schumer (D-NY) and Rockefeller (D-WV) will introduce public option amendments, which are not likely to pass, and even if they did, for-profit health insurance will still be protected.  The Schumer amendment is modeled after private insurance, with deductibles and premiums, and the Rockefeller amendment will ostensibly be closer to Medicare.  Instead of “closer” to Medicare, however, we need to enact Medicare for all!  Any other plan will fail to provide universal coverage, will not lower costs and will continue to put corporate profits before the health of our people.