Via Healthcare-NOW!

Dozens of people held a sit-in at Senator Lieberman’s Capitol Hill office this morning to demand that Senator Lieberman pledge to stop taking health insurance company campaign contributions and free up funds so they can be used to pay for patient care. For 30 minutes, demonstrators requested to talk to Senator Lieberman and chanted “Patients not Profits, Medicare for All.” Nine members of the Mobilization for Health Care for All sat down in the office lobby until forcibly removed by the police.

Since 1989, only 10 other current senators have brought in more cash from the health sector than Lieberman, who has collected $2.6 million in that time.

Take Action NOW!

1. Sign the petition urging Lieberman to stop taking insurance money. Click here to sign the petition now. Urge everyone you know to sign the petition.

2. Make a donation to support the Mobilization. Donate for bail money for those sitting in Lieberman’s office.

3. Call your representative to support the Medicare for All amendment that is being put forward by Congressman Weiner.

Since beginning just over one month ago thousands have signed up to participate in “Patients before Profits” sit-ins and over 920 have signed up willing to risk arrest. By the end of this week the Mobilization will have held 32 sit-ins in 28 different cities with more than 150 arrests and over 220 risking arrest. We started out wanting 100 people to risk arrest at “patients before profits” sit-ins and now more than 920 have done so. The Mobilization needs to continue to grow in order to make the impact the people desperately need – Medicare for All.

Thank you for your support. Please take action now.