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Please visit our transportation page for updated information on transportation to the Medicare: Made in America Rally on July 30th in Washington, DC.


The July 30th rally and lobby day for single payer in Washington, DC is scheduled to begin at 1pm-2pm in the Upper Senate Park.

View the transportation guide here.

We will continue to post updates on this event.  You can also visit our page on the July 30th rally here or by selecting the page link above.  More information, as well as a map of the rally location, can also be accessed at Healthcare-NOW!.

The failures of the U.S. health care system are illustrated by hundreds of thousands of stories sent to President Obama’s Organizing for America.  Via The Huffington Post.

Joan in Washington, D.C. wrote that she fears she and her husband will be homeless if he can’t find a job, and that she is “uninsurable” because of cancer.

“Maybe I should wish for the cancer to kill me sooner — it might be a better option,” Joan wrote. “I am terrified.”

Jackie in Logan, N.D., wrote that she cried when she was hospitalized in January out of fear for the bills — even though she has health insurance.

“I told my husband that perhaps I should just go home and wait to die,” Jackie wrote, “as it would be cheaper to be cremated, than to have to exist dealing with the debt of surviving.”

Brad of Granite City, IL, wrote that “I may die any day because Health Insurance isn’t available to me.”

“For profit healthcare killed my wife,” wrote John of Nashville, Tenn.

Despite the devastation that for-profit health care has brought to families across America, President Obama–who once supported single-payer health care–is proposing to keep the same system that exists for profit rather than for health.   Tell President Obama to support single-payer health care now! And join us, July 30th, as we rally for single-payer in Washington DC with the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care.

To read more of the stories submitted to Organizing for America, visit Health Care Stories for America. Stories from across America have also been submitted to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has introduced a single-payer bill in the U.S. Senate (S. 703), and they can be read here.

July 30, 2009: Washington, D.C.

Celebrate Medicare’s 44th Birthday by showing Congress and President Obama the people, unions, doctors, nurses, seniors, faith groups, and Americans of every stripe support a single-payer system.

As President Obama says, “We must build on what works and leave out what doesn’t.” Medicare has successfully provided care to seniors and people with disabilities for almost half a century. Medicare is a truly American-made system that other health care systems around the world have since been modeled after. With little over 3% administrative overhead, we must look to this American solution to our health care crisis.

The best way to save this system is to expand it and make it a truly single-payer system by removing the for-profit interests.

Polls consistently show that the public supports a Medicare for All system, and 59% of physicians support it. In the face of inadequate reform to our health care system, we want Congress to make sure our voice is heard.

The Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care is launching a rally and lobby day on Thursday, July 30th in Washington DC with concurrent actions around the country to bring this message to Washington DC and the Congress.

The Rally and Lobby Day in DC are currently being planned and logistics will be announced soon.

Lobby Day, May 27th

As part of a National Week of Action, single payer advocates traveled to Albany to urge the NYS Legislature to support the statewide single-payer proposal (S.2370).  In addition to meetings with state legislators, a rally was held outside the Capitol.

National Day of Action, May 30th

Under the umbrella of the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care, Hunger Action Network of NYS, WESPAC Foundation and Hudson Valley Action sponsored a vigil in White Plains in remembrance of the 22,000 people who die in this country each year because they lack health insurance.  Dr. Betsy Rosenthal, from Physicians for a National Health Program, was among the speakers and the Raging Grannies performed.  This event was part of a National Day of Action, in which single-payer advocates across country held rallies, town halls, vigils and protested at insurance companies’ headquarters.