What can I do in Westchester?

There are many ways to get involved in the single-payer movement in Westchester.  Healthcare-NOW!’s Organizers’ Manual is a great resource for ways to begin organizing.  We are looking for help in getting towns, cities, school boards and elected officials across Westchester to endorse HR 676.  Click here to see an example of how HR 676 can save towns and school districts millions of dollars.

To receive updates on our single payer events, or for more information on how to get involved, email Hunger Action Network of NYS.

Ways to Take Action Now

  • Call your congressional representative and ask them to cosponsor and actively advocate for HR 676, Medicare For All.  Click here to find out who represents Westchester in Congress and where they stand on single payer.
  • Call your state representatives and ask them to cosponsor and actively advocate for S. 2370, the statewide single payer bill known as The New York Health Plan.   Click here to find your representative.
  • Distribute information about single payer to your coworkers, friends and family, or at local events.  Find great handouts on our Resources page.
  • Host a single-payer house party and request a speaker from Hunger Action Network / PNHP / Single Payer New York.
  • Host a screening of a movie highlighting the U.S. health care crisis, such as SICKO, then discuss the problem and single-payer solution.
  • Demonstrate in front of health insurance companies.  Find out how with this protest toolkit.
  • Organize a truth hearing in your congressional district.  Find out more about truth hearings here.
  • Vote for candidates who support HR 676.  A list can be found here.